The Zane-Ophelia friendship (and their very brief "romantic relationship") is a staple to their characters in the Bakugan: Next Generation series. Zane is the son of Zenet and Ophelia is the daughter of Jesse. Both are Gundalian and members of the Gundalian Division.

History Edit

The two have been best friends for as long as they can both remember. They grew up together, and have been close since they were both very young.

Although they act like brother and sister, and certainly feel like they are siblings, there was a brief period where they "dated." This was actually all an act. Zane is actually gay, but was being bullied for his lack of a girlfriend and his apparent homosexuality. Frustrated and tired of being treated badly, Zane asked Ophelia to be his girlfriend - or, at least, a fake one.

The fake relationship was more or less a way for Ophelia to help Zane with his sexuality struggle. Both knew the truth, but Zane was not ready to tell anyone besides Ophelia even if he was tired of hiding. But when he finally did come out and his "relationship" with Ophelia ended, his friend continued to support him and defend him from any bullies that continued to treat him badly.

Zane and Ophelia are always there for each other, and will defend each other from virtually every person or issue that threatens them. For instance, Zane is one of few people who constantly supports Ophelia's dreams of becoming a famous actress, and he always pushes her back into them if she starts to second guess them.

They love each other, but in a completely platonic way. They may not be related by blood, but they certainly feel that they are.

Trivia Edit

  • Their ship name is Zanelia (Zane / Ophelia).
  • Zane calls Ophelia "Phelia."