The Zane-Logan relationship is a canon relationship in the Bakugan: Next Generation series. Zane is the Gundalian son of Zenet and Logan is the half-Neathian, half-Gundalian son of Rafe and Paige.

History Edit

Logan and Zane met years before the series began, despite living on different planets. Since Logan's parents are Castle Knights, Logan was often made to go to Gundalia with them. Logan and Zane met when Logan was taken on one of these missions. Logan and Zane remained close friends.

Logan is a workaholic, as his heritage makes it harder for him to gain respect in the Castle Knights. He will often work himself into states of physical and mental fatigue, which has sometimes resulted in fainting spells or panic attacks. Zane is the polar opposite of Logan - laid back, a prankster, not afraid to spend days doing nothing productive at all.

In fact, Zane loves bothering Logan. Logan is his favorite person to prank and bother. Zane is always trying to get Logan to relax and stop being so serious. Logan hates this, but appreciates it - Zane's ulterior motives are nothing malicious, and his actions only stem from how worried he gets about Logan.

Logan and Zane can often get pretty flirty, too, although they do so unknowingly - the only person who realizes it is Ophelia. In the end, though, Zane and Logan's relationship, despite how angry Logan may get at Zane and how frustrated Zane gets at Logan for overworking himself, is based off of caring and worrying about one another.

By the end of the series, Zane and Logan confess their feelings and begin a romantic relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • Their ship name is Logane (Logan / Zane).
  • Their theme song is "For Baltimore" by All Time Low.
  • Ophelia is often the one who pushes them to be together, because she fully supports their relationship.