Virgil Roberts is the the estranged son of Jake Vallory. He is a Subterra brawler partnered with Coredem, and a member of The Rebellion.

Appearance Edit

Virgil is a 19 year old half-human, half-Gundalian boy. He has burgundy hair and green eyes. His skin is dark grey with darker grey markings and golden horns.

Personality Edit

Jake's abandonment of Virgil, however young he was, has taken quite a toll on his personality. He has a strong hatred for his father, along with a streak of interest (not knowing a parent will do that to you, he reasons). Due to this, though, he is very close to his mother, whom he loves very much.

Virgil is a boy who very rarely trusts people, and comes across, unknowingly, as a bitter and vengeful person. While he is both of those things, Virgil is also very kind towards the people he loves - such as his mother, who is the main reason behind Virgil's joining the Rebellion.

Virgil hates any kind of person who would abandon their family, and swears that if he has a family, he will never do the same. He aspires to be a better person than his father and make his mother happy forever so she will never feel pain like she did when his father abandoned them.

Family Edit

  • Father: Jake Vallory (Estranged; Jake's abandonment)
  • Mother: Vinum Roberts
  • "Extended Family": The Rebellion