Venus Sheen is the daughter of Elright and Serena Sheen. She is a Haos brawler partnered with Raptorix, and is a member of both the Neathian Division and the Castle Knights.

Appearance Edit

Venus is an 18 year old Neathian girl. She has long, grey-green hair that she keeps held back in a long braid, and light teal eyes. Her skin is light purple.

Personality Edit

Venus is a very brave and intelligent Castle Knight. She is fiercely loyal, especially to Andy, Jin and Floria. She aspires to become the next Neathia-Gundalia Ambassador, in order to keep the peace and, more importantly, end her cousins' troubles, and help Andy become accepted as Queen Regnant of Neathia.

With such big dreams, Venus has no time for failure - this has made her into quite the perfectionist. Although she rarely does fail, she takes herself for granted, thinking that most of her accomplishments are actually failures. She puts too much pressure on herself, and as such, thinks nothing of her accomplishments, despite the extent of many of them.

Family Edit

Relationships Edit

Andy Krawler Edit

Venus may be Andy's cousin, but she acts like a big sister to Andy. Venus is immensely loyal and devoted to her young cousin, and wants to truly help her be accepted by Neathia.

Jin and Floria Krawler Edit

Venus is extremely protective of the Royal Family - and this especially includes Floria. Floria is very shy and easily scared, and, as such, Venus seeks to protect her almost more so than Andy. Jin always winds up getting herself into trouble, and Venus often tries to help her out of it, usually by having her confess to her schemes.

Logan Craig Edit

Logan and Venus see each other as allies. They both want Andy to become Queen and are very loyal Castle Knights, and often work together. Since Logan has the same kind of mixed heritage as Venus' cousins, Venus also often sides with and defends Logan when he is treated bad due to his heritage.

Levi Claude Edit

Venus and Levi do not get along at all. Although both are Castle Knights, Levi doesn't want Andy to become Queen - the direct opposite of what Venus wants and stands for. She views Levi as an enemy and opposes him. It is not uncommon for Logan and Venus to get into fights with Levi.

Adam Ortiz Edit

Adam is hoping to be the next Prime Minister of Gundalia, and as Venus is looking to be the Neathia-Gundalia Ambassador, the two view each other as allies.