Tinsley von Hertzon is the daughter of Klaus von Hertzen. She is an Aquos brawler partnered with Sirenoid, and is a member of The Rebellion.

Appearance Edit

Tinsley is a 19 year old half-human, half-Vestal girl. She has medium length, sleek, jet black hair which she keeps pulled back with a white headband. Her eyes are a blue-green teal color.

Personality Edit

Tinsley is cold-hearted and sassy. She excels in finding the weakness in people and using that against them, usually during battle, though she can do it outside of battle, too. She is sarcastic and very cruel, often giving people what she believes to be an "intervention" (which is really just her pointing out their faults when they do something to upset her). She is apathetic and doesn't care about the feelings of others.

All that aside, Tinsley is a gifted battler, full of intelligent strategies. She plays violently, and unlike Shade, has no code of honor - this makes her unafraid to tackle opponents head on from behind. Tinsley is a cruel person, and doesn't care about much else besides herself and her own victory.

The biggest mystery surrounding Tinsley is what caused her to join The Rebellion. As a young heiress, Tinsley would probably benefit from the existence of world leaders, so why join the cause to destroy them?

Family Edit

Relationships Edit

Shade / Alexis Edit

Shade is one of Tinsley's only close friends, as Tinsley has tendency to... push other people away. They dated in the past, but broke it off after they both decided they were better off as friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Tinsley is bisexual.