The Rebellion is the major antagonistic group in Bakugan: Next Generation.


The self-titled "Rebellion" are a large group of people who identify themselves as those who dislike the way the world is at present. They believe in returning all planets to the natural order: disorder.

Many countries/planets have cruel leaders who treat their people unfairly, and are generally not very good at leading their countries/planets. This is what The Rebellion is rebelling against - but, they are even rebelling against good leaders. They seek to destroy the world's harmony and place it into what they feel is harmony

The Rebellion welcomes anybody to join - humans, Vestals, Neathians, Gundalians, and everything in between - to join their cause so long as they agree with it and are willing to do whatever it takes.

"Whatever it takes" is their very broad slogan, and it is related to what they are willing to do to accomplish their goal. They will go as far as freeing and reviving as many Bakugan as possible from the Doom Dimension, such as Reaper and even Naga, among other things.

Significant Members

Name Race Attribute Guardian Bakugan
Shade Neathian-Gundalian Darkus Horridian
Tinsley von Hertzon Human-Vesal Aquos Sirenoid
Guillermo "Memo" Santana Human Haos Tentaclear
Virgil Roberts Human-Gundalian Subterra Coredem
Bryce Torres Gundalian Ventus Spyron
Ciel Luster Vestal Haos Alto Brontes
Hestia Jones Human-Neathian Pyrus Ziperator
Gabriel "Gabe" Bennett Neathian None None