Teddy Rich is the son of Baron Leltoy and Jenny. He is a Haos brawler partnered with Saint Nemus, and is a member of the Vestal Division.

Appearance Edit

Teddy is a 12 year old half-human, half-Vestal boy. He has messy, spiky, dark red hair and dark blue (Vestal) eyes.

Personality Edit

Teddy is a very naive young boy. He has a natural curiosity for anything he finds interesting (which is basically... pretty much everything). He is also extremely flirtatious, and flirts with basically any girl that moves, similar to Aaron, although Teddy is more successful.

He has a big heart, and despite his rather muscular appearance, is a big softie who doesn't realize his own strength. Allie describes him as a "big puppy" which is an accurate description. He is kind-hearted and happy, and is very easy to get along with. He is a very innocent person, probably the most out of any character, even when compared to those that are younger than him.

He has dreams of being a music star, like his mother, but will quickly push those dreams aside when it comes to protecting the world, or his friends. He thinks heroes are super cool and aspires to be just like them.

Family Edit

  • Father: Baron Rich
  • Mother: Jenny Rich
  • Aunt: Maron Rich

Relationships Edit

Mai Osamu Edit

Teddy originally had a crush on Laney, although he later developed feelings for Mai when she saved him during a battle, and kept and interest in his music.

Caleb Grit Edit

Caleb is Teddy's best friend. Although Caleb is an awful wing man, and doesn't always understand Teddy, the two are always there for each other.

Aaron Kuso Edit

Teddy and Aaron are close friends and act as each other's wing man when they are flirting with girls. (Although Teddy is more successful than Aaron.)

Laney Kuso Edit

Teddy used to have a crush on Laney due to her heroic nature, but once he developed feelings for Mai, his feelings for Laney disappeared.