Shade, real name Alexis Greenway, is the major antagonist of Bakugan Next Generation, highest ranking member of the Rebellion and also the daughter of Anubias and Sellon. She is a Darkus brawler partnered with Horridian.


Shade is a 16 year old half-Gundalian, half-Neathian artificial girl. She has long, silvery, white hair and blue eyes. She is very menacing when in her true form, looking much like her mother, but also adding the Gundalian horns and markings. Even while in her human disguise, she wears a mask.


Shade is full of pride, constantly calling herself an "elegant and graceful being." She has a strong code of honor, and only believes in attacking those who are ready, and never in a surprise attack. She hates it when people use that tactic against her, or even when the rest of The Rebellion uses the tactic against an enemy.

However, Shade is brutal and competitive in battle. She often looks down on opponents who can't stand up to her or face her in battle, and is always seeking out challenges. Since she is a member of The Rebellion, she seeks to destroy harmony and order, even if, ironically, she is always seeking to keep The Rebellion orderly and doesn't like to resort to total chaos in battles if she can help it.


  • Father: Anubias
  • Mother: Sellon
  • "Extended Family": The Rebellion


Anastasia Kazami

Main article: Alexis-Anastasia Relationship
Anastasia and Shade are, as of the end of the series, dating. Shade was jealous of Tasia for a long time, until the jealousy turned into admiration, and only later did Shade realize her feelings for Tasia, who ended up reciprocating them.

Tinsley von Hertzon

Shade is one of Tinsley's few close friends, as Shade can put up with her antics, whereas others really can't. The two dated until they decided they were better off as friends.


  • Shade is homosexual.
    • She has had various relationships with other girls, such as Tinsley, but her major relationship is with Anastasia.