Ophelia Glenn (nicknamed Phelia by Zane) is the only daughter of Jesse. She is a Ventus brawler partnered with Piltheon, and a member of the Gundalian Division.

Appearance Edit

Ophelia is a 16 year old Gundalian girl with short, golden blonde hair. At it's end, it's red, like her father's. She has narrow, purple eyes.

She has light grey skin with darker grey markings and golden horns.

Personality Edit

Ophelia is seemingly detached from the rest of the world - silent and not accepting of nonsense of any kind. She doesn't speak much, despite being friends with a person like Zane, and also despite her dreams of becoming a (stage) actress.

Despite how detached she might seem, Ophelia is actually very gentle and kind. She is also very patient (she has to be, since she's always pulling Zane out of trouble). She enjoys being there for people and cheering them up, even if she doesn't often do it.

Ophelia's silent nature makes it difficult for her to make friends, which is the opposite of what Ophelia wants. She has a deep desire to make friends, and really dislikes how difficult it is for her to do so.

Family Edit

  • Father: Jesse Glenn
  • Mother: Quinn Glenn

Relationships Edit

Zane Surrow Edit

Main article: Zane-Ophelia Friendship
Zane and Ophelia have been best friends since as long as either of them can remember. They are very close, on a sibling-like basis. Zane is always getting himself into trouble, and it's always left up to Ophelia to pull him out of it.

Trivia Edit

  • Ophelia is aromantic.