Olivia Lazar, commonly referred to as Liv, is the daughter of Gunz Lazar and Katie Lowery. She is a Haos brawler partnered with Reptak, and is a member of the Earth Division.

Appearance Edit

Liv is a 16 year old human girl. She has long, light blonde hair and big, round violet eyes. She keeps her bangs held back with a light purple headband.

Personality Edit

Liv is a reckless and cocky brawler, but backs it up with her skill and power. Her aggressive nature makes itself known especially in her battles, where she can take the enemy down with just brute force and barely a second thought, as Liv is a very quick thinker. She is able to solve problems without much else but her quick wit, unlike the other brawlers, who can be too impulsive or too analytical.

She is also extremely competitive, which often outweighs and blocks her quick wit during various situations. When competition is on her mind, she doesn't really think of anything else other than how much she wants to crush her opponent. Her competitive attitude and actions has gotten her kicked out of many things, such as sports teams.

Aside from all that, Liv is actually very kind and caring. Most of the solutions she comes up with do not involve violence despite her aggressive tendencies, and she is very mature when it comes to giving advice. Liv is easily flustered, as she is very easily embarrassed.

Family Edit

Relationships Edit

Tasia Kazami Edit

Tasia is Liv's best friend. Tasia gets Liv out of trouble and does her best to keep Liv out of it. Liv is also one of the very few people who gives Tasia advice, as Tasia is usually the one giving advice.

Kai Brown Edit

Main article: Kai-Olivia Relationship
Kai and Liv have a love-hate relationship. Liv and Kai often clash due to their opposite ways of thinking, and also because when they first met, Kai didn't believe in Liv's quick thinking version of problem solving. Despite this, they make a good tag team when battling, and Liv often protects him, no matter how often they clash.

Laney Kuso Edit

Liv sometimes considers herself Laney's rival. The two still remain close and are quick to defend one another.