Neville Marukura is the son of Marucho Marukura and Jewls. He is an Aquos brawler partnered with Minx Elfin and is both a member and the technician of the Earth Division.

Appearance Edit

Neville is a 10 year old human boy. He has slightly curled green, almost teal, hair, and round, light blue eyes. He also wears dark teal glasses.

Personality Edit

Despite being only ten years old, Neville is very intelligent and serious. He is very mature for his age, and is probably one of the most notably mature characters of the series. He remains a relatively happy young boy, as well, and is very easily to get along with. He doesn't make friends often though, as he is somewhat timid and shy.

Even though he is very mature, Neville is still young, and, as such, is gullible and naive. He places his trust and faith in people far too easily, and has this taken advantage of far too much. Lucky for him, he has most of the older brawlers to protect and guide him.

Neville is the technician of only the Earth Division at first, but as the divisions band together, he becomes the technician for pretty much all of the brawlers. He is interested in technology and science, but also has an affinity for pop music.

Family Edit

  • Father: Choji "Marucho" Marukura
  • Mother: Jewls Marukura
  • Paternal Grandfather: Shuuko Marukura
  • Paternal Grandmother: Kia Marukura

Relationships Edit

Tasia Kazami Edit

Tasia is the first one of the Earth Division brawlers to truly befriend Neville, since he is so shy and timid. Since he opened up to Tasia, however, they became close friends and he opened up much easier to the other brawlers.

Jin and Floria Krawler Edit

Jin is one of Neville's closer friends. She is very outgoing and often offers herself, alongside her sister, to try out Neville's new inventions. This is because Jin developed a small crush on Neville. Floria, on the other hand, is even shyer than Neville, so she actually enjoys sitting back and working on Neville's inventions with him. This has made them very close friends.

Devin Fermin-Grav Edit

Devin and Neville are close friends. Devin shows him around Vestal's more advanced technology, or at least as much as Devin understands of it. Devin also gets Neville involved in Shiori's pranks when she feels like Neville needs to stop doing "boring" things.

Trivia Edit

  • Neville is one of only four Aquos brawlers.