Logan Craig is the son of Rafe and Paige. He is a Subterra brawler partnered with Boulderon, and a member of both the Neathian Division and the Castle Knights.

Appearance Edit

Logan is a 16 year old half-Neathian, half-Gundalian boy. In both his human disguise and his true form, he has shaggy, pink hair that he keeps (heavily) gelled back and purple eyes that appear Gundalian.

In his true form, he has light grey skin with darker grey markings, and golden horns.

Personality Edit

Logan is a very rough and tough Castle Knight. He is strikingly intelligent and very serious. He is uptight, and hates it when people aren't serious, and if he has to be the stick-in-the-mud, then so be it. He views every moment as a chance to better Andy's reputation within the Neathian Kingdom, so he feels he must be serious to accommodate for this.

Logan is fiercely loyal to Princess Andy and the rest of the royal family, as he wants to help her be accepted before she gains control as Queen Regnant of Neathia. As a half-Neathian, half-Gundalian, himself, he has to work much harder for the other Castle Knights' respect, so he understands Andy's dilemma probably better than anyone else.

Despite his no-nonsense attitude, however, Logan is really very kind and is actually a pacifist. He seeks only to help others, not harm them, but he will fight if he absolutely has to.

Family Edit

  • Father: Rafe Craig
  • Mother: Paige Craig

Relationships Edit

Zane Surrow Edit

Main article: Zane-Logan Relationship
Logan is often exasperated and annoyed with Zane. Zane usually annoys Logan by trying to get him to slack off from his job, or telling him to "relax and chill out." As annoyed as Logan gets with Zane, he knows Zane only means well and is just concerned about him.

Andy Krawler Edit

Logan is extremely loyal to Andy and wants to help her be accepted by the Neathian commoners so she can be the great queen he knows she'll be.

Venus Sheen Edit

Venus and Logan are close friends, as they both want Andy to become queen. They view each other as allies and often work together.

Levi Claude Edit

Levi and Logan dislike each other. Levi dislikes Logan's linage (half-Neathian, half-Gundalian), and, as such, also dislikes Andy, Jin, and Floria's lineage, as well. Levi does not want Andy to become queen, and this makes Logan view him as an enemy.

Trivia Edit

  • Logan is bisexual.