Levi Claude is the only son of Linus Claude. He is a Pyrus brawler partnered with Rubanoid, and is a member of both the Castle Knights and the Neathian Division and later, The Rebellion.

Appearance Edit

Levi is a 17 year old Neathian boy. He has blue-grey-green hair, and big, bright blue eyes. He also has light blue skin.

Personality Edit

Levi is, on his surface, a very kind and seemingly loyal Knight. His kind front comes with his fake loyalty, and his ability to kiss up to basically any Royal Family member or Knight above him, including his father. For those on the same page, though, he uses none of his usual deceit.

Underneath that, though, lies his true, smarmy nature. He is resentful - bitter about the fact that someone of mixed heritage is set to become his new Queen, even though he, and most of the country, do not want her to. He has no issues expressing his hatred for this.

Aside from his two-faced personality, Levi is also courageous and bold, and very ambitious - able to do whatever he needs or wants to do without much of a second thought.

Family Edit

  • Father: Linus Claude

Relationships Edit

Venus Sheen Edit

Venus and Levi hate each other. Venus wants Andy to become Queen, Levi does not. They stand on opposing view points, and view each other as enemies.

Logan Craig Edit

Logan and Levi consider each other enemies. Logan's heritage is the same as Andy, Jin, and Floria's, and Levi is not accepting of them, so why would he feel differently about Logan? It is not uncommon for Venus and Logan to get into fights with Levi, either.

Andy Krawler Edit

Levi doesn't like Andy. Since he doesn't want her to become Queen, he spends a lot of time of plots of ways to get her to be unaccepted by her people, even more than she already is.

Jin and Floria Krawler Edit

Levi doesn't like Jin and Floria, either. He tries to get Jin into trouble (which is not hard to do), and is as apathetic to them as he is to Andy and Logan.