Kai Brown is the son of Mason Brown and Lena Isis. He is a Subterra brawler partnered with Avior, and is both the leader and a member of the Gundalian Division.

Appearance Edit

Kai is a 17 year old Gundalian boy. He has long, dark blue-grey hair, which he usually keeps down, and narrow, bright blue eyes. His has light grey, almost white skin, with darker grey markings. His horns are golden.

Personality Edit

Kai is an extremely intelligent and calculating young perfectionist. When things don't go the way he plans them to, he freaks out and doesn't always know what he's supposed to do after. Lucky for him, this does not happen often. Kai also loves to help people, even if that just entails to showing up in the nick of time.

He has an awful temper, especially when things go off course from his original plan of action, and doesn't always know how to react to various situations. He can be a bit of a sour grape, too, and gets into certain "moods" where he isn't exactly the kindest.

Family Edit

  • Father: Mason Brown
  • Mother: Lena Isis
  • Younger Sister: Brooke Brown

Relationships Edit

Brooke Brown Edit

Brooke adores Kai. Kai helps Brooke out, and the two are very close, friendly siblings. However, when Kai places his attention on someone else, Brooke gets very jealous.

Liv Lazar Edit

Kai and Liv have a love-hate relationship. The two often clash due to their opposite ways of thinking and also because, at first, Kai doesn't like or trust Liv's quick judgement. Despite this, they make a good tag team when battling, and Kai often gets protected by Liv.

Trivia Edit

  • Kai is one of only two male division leaders.