James Osamu, more commonly referred to as Jamie, is the son of Joe Osamu and Chan Lee. He is a hacker and strategist, and a member of the Earth Division.

Appearance Edit

Jamie is a 15 year old human boy. He has shoulder-length, spiky, dark blue, almost black hair, and narrow, brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Jamie has calm and collected practically branded into him. There are very few situations where Jamie is not calm and rational. He is very kind, and always fights for what he believes in - even if he has to do it from the sidelines.

Despite his ability to always (at least, usually) be calm, Jamie is always worrying about his sister, Mai. He contacts her during battles when things aren't going well to offer her advice and various other situations, as Jamie is pretty good at finding different solutions for different scenarios that avoid violence. He likes to keep his sister and the other brawlers out of trouble, often offering his calm, level-headed solutions to an otherwise violent situation.

Family Edit

  • Father: Joe Osamu
  • Mother: Chan Lee
  • Younger Sister: Mai Osamu

Relationships Edit

Mai Osamu Edit

Jamie and Mai are very close. They are always protecting each other, and, even if he isn't physically there to witness all of her battles, Jamie will always be Mai's biggest fan.