The Gundalian Division is one of four groups of the Next Generation of Brawlers. They are the branch that live on Gundalia. It consists of five members, but only two are major members. It is currently led by Kai Brown.

Members Edit

Name Parents/Relatives Race Attribute Guardian Bakugan
Kai Brown Mason Brown and Lena Isis Gundalian Subterra Avior
Brooke Brown Mason Brown and Lena Isis Gundalian Aquos Phosphos
Adam Ortiz Draco and Melinda Ortiz; Nurzak (Uncle) Gundalian Haos Lumagrowl
Zane Surrow Zenet Surrow Gundalian Haos Contestir
Ophelia Glenn Jesse Glenn Gundalian Ventus Piltheon

*Bolded means they are a major member.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with the Earth Division, they are the only division to consist of one race.