Floria Krawler is the daughter of Ren Krawler and Fabia Sheen, and a Crowned Princess of Neathia. She is a Subterra brawler partnered with Sabator, and is a member of the Neathian Division.

Appearance Edit

Floria is a 9 year old half-Neathian, half-Gundalian girl. In both her true form and her human disguise, she has mid-length blue hair that she keeps tied up in a high pony-tail, and green eyes.

In her true form, she has the light purple skin of a Neathian, dark purple markings, as well as the Neathian eyes (that lack pupils) but also has golden horns.

Personality Edit

Where Jin is outgoing and wild, Floria is shy and timid, and often depends on her older sisters and her older cousin due to their more headstrong personalities. When Jin starts to cause trouble, Floria covers for her - only to be found out, as it's in Jin's nature to cause trouble, and Floria is a horrible liar and has many tells when she's lying.

Being without Jin makes her even more shy, and sometimes she can't say anything at all without Jin around. Floria is scared of almost everything, and this makes her even more shy. It is often very difficult for her to talk to people. Her siblings and her cousin are often protective of her and care for her very much. Floria aspires to be like them when she gets older.

Family Edit

  • Father: Ren Krawler
  • Mother: Fabia Sheen
  • Older Sister: Andromeda Krawler
  • Twin Sister: Floria Krawler
  • Uncle (By Marriage): Elright
  • Aunt: Serena Sheen
  • Cousin: Venus Sheen

Relationships Edit

Jin Krawler Edit

Jin is Floria's twin sister. Floria is just as uncomfortable without Jin as Jin is without her. The two depend on each other for different reasons, and don't like to be apart for even very short amounts of time.

Andy Krawler Edit

Andy is like a mother hen to Jin and Floria when their parents are busy. Floria adores Andy and aspires to be just like her when she gets older.

Venus Sheen Edit

Venus is a very loyal Castle Knight, and is very protective of the royal family - especially Floria. Floria looks up to Venus, as well, and wants to be more confident and proactive, like Venus is.

Neville Marukura Edit

Floria enjoys helping Neville out with his inventions, as she doesn't have to talk to anyone besides Neville. This has made the two very close friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Floria's name comes from Nurzak's deceased daughter.