Derek Fermin-Grav is the adopted son of Keith Fermin and Gus Grav. He is a Darkus brawler partnered with Infinity Helios and is a member of the Vestal Division.

Appearance Edit

Derek is an 18 year old Vestal boy. He has dark brown, almost black hair, and long, shaggy bangs. He has green eyes.

Personality Edit

Derek is a very mature young man. He is silent and cold, and very intelligent. Although introverted and there only being a few people that Derek truly cares for, he is actually kind-hearted and gentle, it just takes some time for him to open up to others.

This stems from his dark childhood. It left him with trust and attachment issues, making it hard for him to trust people, since he is so scared to get attached to them. Once he starts to let people in, though, he makes many friends.

Family Edit

  • (Adoptive) Father: Keith Fermin
  • (Adoptive) Father: Gus Grav
  • Younger Sister: Devin Fermin-Grav
  • Paternal Grandfather: Clay Fermin
  • Aunt: Mira Fermin
  • Uncle: Ace Grit
  • Cousin: Alannah Grit
  • Cousin: Caleb Grit

Relationships Edit

Keith and Gus Edit

When Keith and Gus first met him, he was very untrusting of them, and didn't accept them as his parents despite the fact that he had been abandoned. But when they took him home with them, he finally accepted them and let them formally adopt him.

Devin Fermin-Grav Edit

Devin was born after Derek was adopted. Derek is very protective over his younger sister, who looks up to him. Derek's childhood was a dark time until Keith and Gus found him, and Derek will not let anything like that happen to Devin if he has any say about it.

Caleb and Allie Grit Edit

Derek and Caleb have a mutual respect for one another, although Derek does not always follow Caleb's orders despite Caleb being the leader of the Vestal Division. This places a strain on his relationship with Allie, which is often in a midst of tension.

Jude Prove Edit

Jude is a close friend of Derek's, and although he sometimes sides against him and the other brawlers, their relationship remains strong.