Caleb Grit is the son of Ace Grit and Mira Fermin. He is a Subterra brawler partnered with Magma Wilda, and is the leader of the Vestal Division.

Appearance Edit

Caleb is a 15 year old Vestal boy. He has pale blue-green hair that reaches the middle of his neck, and narrow, blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Allie and Caleb are twins, and aside from appearances, share a few personality traits. Both are cocky and prideful, and have full faith in their abilities. Both are also immensely stubborn, and refuse to go down without a fight, or at least a semblance of one.

However, where Allie is hot-headed and reckless, Caleb is calm and analytical. Though he is not shy in the slightest, he is still shyer than his sister (who has a big mouth), and is often the one to calm her down when she needs to be calmed. He also thinks about the consequences of his actions, even if he performs something spur-of-the-moment.

While Caleb is a talented brawler and enjoys brawling, he has a disdain for fighting among the brawlers themselves. He is often the mediator when fights break out.

Family Edit

Relationships Edit

Allie Grit Edit

Allie is Caleb's younger twin sister, even if she acts like she's the older one. Caleb is the only person who can truly calm Allie down when she needs to be calmed, and Allie is the first person to defend Caleb when someone insults him.

Beth Gilbert Edit

When Caleb and Beth first met, Beth developed a crush on him, although his developed more slowly. He insists on protecting Beth, even when she doesn't need it. This frustrates her and often leaves her angry with Caleb, who remains oblivious to his own feelings.

Derek Fermin-Grav Edit

Derek is Caleb's older cousin, whom he looks up to. Derek helps Caleb run the division, and the two have a strong respect for one another.

Teddy Rich Edit

Teddy is Caleb's best friend. Caleb doesn't really understand Teddy's need to flirt with everything that moves, but in the end, the two are always there for each other.

Aaron Kuso Edit

Aaron and Caleb are close friends. Aaron helps Caleb break up fights between brawlers when they happen.

Laney Kuso Edit

Caleb and Laney are good friends. Caleb does his best to keep both Laney and Allie out of fights.

Trivia Edit

  • Caleb is one of only two male division leaders.
    • The other one is Kai.