Brooke Brown is the daughter of Mason Brown and Lena Isis. She is an Aquos brawler partnered with Phosphos and is a member of the Gundalian Division.

Appearance Edit

Brooke is an 11 year old Gundalian girl. She has short, blue hair and narrow, bright blue eyes. She has light grey skin with darker grey markings and golden horns.

Personality Edit

Brooke, like her older brother, is intelligent and calculating. Although, unlike her brother's gentle patience, Brooke is bossy and rude. She doesn't enjoy people telling her what to do, unless it's Kai or her parents, in which case she'll listen.

She covers her nastier nature with a positive and cheery attitude. However upbeat and happy Brooke might be, she is still equally as possessive over the attention she gets. This is because Brooke has a jealous streak, and doesn't like it when people, especially Kai, focus their attention on someone else when she thinks they should be focusing on her.

Family Edit

  • Father: Mason Brown
  • Mother: Lena Isis
  • Older Brother: Kai Brown

Relationships Edit

Kai Brown Edit

Brooke loves her big brother. Although, Brooke can get strangely possessive of him. She isn't used to him focusing his attention on other people, and therefore doesn't like it.

Liv Lazar Edit

Brooke doesn't like Liv because Kai gives her attention, too, instead of focusing it completely on Brooke, like she believes he should.

Trivia Edit

  • Brooke is one of only four Aquos brawlers.