The Alexis-Anstasia relationship is a canon relationship in the Bakugan: Next Generation series. Tasia is the human daughter of Shun and Alice while Alexis is the artificial half-Neathian, half-Gundalian daughter of Sellon and Anubias.

History Edit

The two first meet during a battle, when Tasia sneak attacks Shade. This instantly causes Shade to dislike Tasia because she broke Shade's battle code of honor. Anastasia won the battle, and her battling prowess as well as her beauty, and just everything about her made Shade jealous of her, while everything about Shade caused Tasia to be interested in her.

The two ended up growing closer, even while Shade "disliked" Tasia, and Tasia wound up finding out not only about Shade's species, but also her status as an artificial human, as well as her real name. Tasia did not care about any of this, and ended up falling for Shade despite all of this, and a combination of this, as well as Tasia's treatment of Shade, and her honest want to be Shade's friend, ending up making Shade realize her jealousy was actually a crush.

The feelings that Shade developed for Tasia made her struggle with her status as the leader of The Rebellion. Tasia was an enemy, and she couldn't be fraternizing with her as she had been doing. She couldn't act on any of her feelings, and it hurt Shade in a way she had never been hurt before. As for Tasia, she was heavily interested in Shade, and she couldn't get rid of that, even if her teammates frowned upon her being friends with the enemy.

But when Shade finally confessed her feelings, Tasia reciprocated, and the two began their romantic relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • Their ship name is Shasia (Shade / Tasia).
  • Their theme song is "Somewhere" from West Side Story.
  • Tasia is the only person Shade allows to call her Alexis.
  • Shade is a lesbian, while Tasia is pansexual.