Alannah Grit, commonly referred to as Allie, is the daughter of Ace Grit and Mira Fermin. She is a Darkus brawler partnered with Knight Percival, and is a member of the Vestal Division.

Appearance Edit

Allie is a 15 year old Vestal girl. She has pale blue-green hair that reaches her shoulders, and narrow, albeit a bit rounder than her brother's, blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Since Caleb and Allie are twins, they share appearances as well as a few personality traits. They are both cocky and prideful, and have full faith in their abilities. They are also immensely stubborn, and will not go down without at least some semblance of a fight.

But unlike her shyer brother, Allie is reckless and and hot-headed. She is sarcastic and blunt, often mocking people because she has somewhat of a big mouth and doesn't really think about what she says before she says it. It is impossible for her to sit still, and she is big on acting now, thinking later. However, she is a loyal friend and sticks up for those close to her.

Despite her immaturity (and her awareness of it), she hates being treated like a little girl, and will do whatever she can to prove that she isn't one - which includes listening to her brother when he tells her to calm down. Allie often feels uncomfortable without Caleb around, because without him she is sure to lose her temper and let it get the best of her.

Family Edit

Relationships Edit

Caleb Grit Edit

Caleb is Allie's older twin brother. Caleb is the only person who can really calm her down, and Allie is the first person to defend him. However, she does think that he can be an idiot sometimes, and often tries to get him to realize that he has feelings for Beth.

Derek Fermin-Grav Edit

Derek is Allie's older cousin. She looks up to him, although there is often tension between them since Derek has a tendency to not listen to Caleb, who is the actual leader of the Vestal Division.

Laney Kuso Edit

Although the two are close friends and know how to keep the other out of trouble, they often clash heads because their similar personalities.

Andy Krawler Edit

The two are good friends, as they make a good team. Usually they are discussing strategy since they are both Darkus brawlers.