Aaron Kuso is the son of Dan Kuso and Runo Misaki. He is a Haos brawler partnered with both Blade Tigrerra and Aerogan. He is also a member of the Earth Division.

Appearance Edit

Aaron is a 13 year old human boy. He has messy, teal hair, and big, round, brown eyes. He wears black goggles that are similar to his father's.

Personality Edit

Aaron is stubborn and cocky. He isn't the best brawler around, but he tries to cover for it by faking his opponent out with his cocky attitude. He likes to do and figure things out by himself, although he will listen to his sister when she is delivering orders for the division.

Aaron is also extremely flirtatious. He flirts with almost every girl he sees, although most of the time they remain unswayed by his advances and put him down quickly. This has created another wave of unconfidence in Aaron, which is another thing he covers up by being cocky - and continuously flirting with girls, despite the rejection he often faces.

Aaron is overprotective of his friends and especially his older sister. He is quick to go their defense when it comes to their feelings, and especially of Laney when it comes to her insecurity issues.

Family Edit

  • Father: Dan Kuso
  • Mother: Runo Misaki
  • Older Sister: Delaney Kuso
  • Paternal Grandmother: Miyoko Kuso
  • Paternal Grandfather: Shinjiro Kuso
  • Maternal Grandmother: Saki Misaki
  • Maternal Grandfather: Tatsuo Misaki

Relationships Edit

Laney Kuso Edit

Aaron and Laney care deeply for one another, even if they sometimes get into fights. Although Aaron is jealous of Laney due to her battling prowess, he is very protective over her, especially when it comes to her inferiority issues.

Andy Krawler Edit

Main article: Aaron-Andromeda Relationship
Aaron has a huge crush on Andy, which developed when he first laid eyes on her. He thinks she is amazingly beautiful, and fully supports her, since he believes she will be the best queen Neathia will ever have. He likes to make her laugh and smile.

Caleb Grit Edit

Caleb and Aaron are close friends, and Aaron helps Caleb break up fights when they erupt between the brawlers.

Teddy Rich Edit

Teddy and Aaron are close friends, often acting as each other's wing man when they flirt with girls (although Teddy is more successful than Aaron).

Sora Kazami Edit

Aaron dislikes Sora because he knows that Sora likes Laney, and that Laney likes him back. Aaron is also jealous of Sora because of how much Laney trusts him.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of only two brawlers that has two Guardian Bakugan.
    • The other one is Beth.